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Pre-Operative Checklist

  1. Schedule your surgery

  2. Call your primary care physician for an appointment. Even if you are having your       labs completed at the hospital, you will still need to see your PCP to obtain a letter       of surgical clearance

  3. Call the hospital to schedule a pre-op appointment and for pre-registration (713)       242 3880

  4. Make sure all labs, tests and letter of clearance are sent to our office no later than       10 days prior to scheduled surgery date

  5. Call the blood bank to schedule blood donation (713) 791 6608

  6. Discontinue all medications listed above. Please call the prescribing physician's       office if you have any questions

  7. Purchase a stool softener for home to take after surgery to prevent constipation

  8. Get plenty of rest before your surgery

  9. Nothing to eat or drink after midnight the night before your surgery

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