Stefan Kreuzer. MD - Anterior Hip Replacement

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Stefan Kreuzer. MD - Anterior Hip Replacement
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Anterior Hip Replacement
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Hip Arthritis
Dr. Kreuzer talks about arthritis and new techniques in surgical management of Arthritis.
What's Arthritis All about?
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Dr. Stefan Kreuzer

He is actively involved in training and has been invited to lecture...

What's Arthritis All about?
Anterior Approach Hip Replacement Surgery Patient Survey

Though uncommonly used in the United States, the anterior approach for total hip replacement provides definite advantages for patients, even those in need of bilateral procedures. Rehabilitation is simplified and accelerated, dislocation risk is reduced, leg length is more accurately controlled, and the incision is small.

Why, then, is this approach not more widely used by U.S. surgeons? There are several reasons: lack of familiarity, traditional teaching, and lack of the necessary instrumentation and equipment....

Anterior Approach Hip Replacement Surgery
Navigated Anterior Hip Replacement
Patient Stories

Barbara H.

Barbara H. is a 65 y/o female who had been suffering form arthritis for many years. Once she finally decided to have a hip replacement done, she received a new approach, "The Minimally Invasive Anterior Hip Approach." She was amazed about her recovery...

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