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Steve Goulet

Greetings from Houston, Texas! On December 10, 2008 I had a Cormet Hip Resurfacing prosthesis using the direct anterior approach performed by Dr. Stefan Kreuzer. The anterior direct approach (also known as “Smith Peteresen”) is relatively rare in the U.S. as many surgeons have not yet been trained with this approach. More »

Robert M. Lawrence

Dr. Kruezer, Dr. Cupic, Mike and the rest of the staff:
I had total hip replacement on Monday, was up and walking without any assistance on Tuesday, and am now home on Wednesday, just after noon. I have been essentially pain free the whole time.

Dr. Kruezer assured me of my chances of a good outcome, but did not over-promise. He instead over-delivered! Hardly any of my friends or family believe my experience, and to be honest I am having some dis-belief myself. But seeing is believing, and that is what happened.

I can't thank you adequately, but let me just say- you're the best!

Barbara H

Barbara H. is a 65 y/o female who had been suffering form arthritis for many years. Once she finally decided to have a hip replacement done, she received a new approach, "The Minimally Invasive Anterior Hip Approach." She was amazed about her recovery.

Barbara H. said: "I never had any pain. I had my surgery on Tuesday, I walked over 1000 feet on Thursday and did stairs by myself and I went to church on Sunday carrying my cane." Michelle her physical therapist said: "I have never seen anybody recover so fast from a hip replacement and when I watched her walk two days after surgery I could not tell which hip was replaced."

Barbara H. was dismissed from her physical therapist after the third session since they did not feel that they could contribute any more to her recovery. "They were all amazed because they were also going to other people's homes that had hip replacement surgery with the traditional approach and the patient had difficulties getting out of bed 2 to 3 weeks after surgery," Barbara H. said.

Clarence B

As I begin writing, my new hip has been in place for only 10 days. But what an amazing 10 days it has been. More

Dick B

Ahoy Mates, this is the story about a new, unbelievable, sensational, total hip joint replacement surgical procedure which I have just experienced. More

Ned G

It seems like a miracle. I had osteoarthritic pain for the last 4 - 5 years in my left hip. I had been to two other orthopaedic surgeons in Austin, Texas who told me I needed a hip replacement. This was prior to the anterior approach and I just kept putting it off waiting for something better and was just less active to keep the pain down. More

Lynn M

I can't thank you enough for returning me to an active life style. More

Don B

I have had both hips replaced. The first ten years ago utilizing the posterior approach. The recovery was very difficult. More

Cynthia and Emmanuel V

For several years I suffered with arthritis in both of my hips. However, for reasons that now seem ridiculous, I put off hip surgery. I just did not feel comfortable having the surgery. I seemed to have some underlying nagging doubts. Through a series of very interesting quirks of fate I found myself at Memorial Bone and Joint Clinic. Looking back I realize that I was fortunate to have waited. More

James M

My hip was replaced in May of 2004. I needed no physical therapy after leaving the hospital. I drove my self to the grocery store on the 7th day, shopped and drove myself home. Put the groceries up alone. I mowed my lawn with a push mower the third week. I was 71 years old at the time of surgery and had been in a lot of pain for 10 years. Bone on bone in the hip joint. 3 1/2 years after surgery now and my hip functions perfectly.

Rhoda B

I had severe pain in my left hip for 2 years for one reason or another I did not want to have surgery. I guess I was just thinking about the after affects, my hip was taking over my life and I had to do something about it so on Jan 24, 2007 I had a left total hip arthroplasty that was the best thing that ever happened to me. It was so amazing the very same day I was up walking with no pain. I never had any therapy just did home exercises and was back at work after one week. I just want to thank my Doctors for giving me my life back.

Ken R

I had my surgery on July 18, 2007 and stayed in the hospital for only 2 days. I rehabed at my home for 2 weeks and then was back working and feeling brand new! I will be 60 years of age next month and feel fantastic. The anterior hip surgery is definately the approach to consider, without hesitation, when needing your hip replaced.

Betty K

On 11/12/07 I had a total right hip replacement. I was hospitalized for three days. After I arrived home, I immediately began to walk about the house and, in a few days, to the end of the driveway. I did not have to take a single pain pill. For a week, I had mild discomfort only while walking, but since then no pain at all. Last week I walked a mile around my neighborhood. I am the organist in my church. Before my surgery, I sat near the organ throughout the service so as not to subject the congregation to my limping and holding on to things. When I returned to church after surgery, I almost pranced from the podium to sit with friends in the congregation and back up for the closing hymn. Every eye was on me. I am thankful not only to be pain free but also to have had major surgery without complications. In a month I will celebrate my seventy-fifth birthday.

David W

On February 7, 2007 I had a total left hip replacement. I had my surgery on a Wednesday morning and I was walking the following morning with only the help of a walker. I was home Friday afternoon. I was given a routine of exercises to perform daily and that was the extent of my rehab. For 35 years I had dealt with pain that I now know restricted me far more than I realized. Though I lived a pretty normal life, I lived it in pain. I couldn't walk from one end of the shopping mall to the other without stopping to sit down. I was only good for 9 holes of golf. I couldn't even ride a bike without being in pain. I could go on forever, but to make a long story short, I now play all the golf I want, walk and run 3 miles a day. The unbelievable part is I have zero pain and zero limitations with my new hip. Dr. K was able to give me back all the length in my left leg therefore my limp is gone and so is my lower back pain. I am 51 years old and now live pain free! I have had alot of people say to me don't you wish you would have replaced your hip 10 years ago. I always reply NO, I am glad I waited and learned about the anterior procedure.

Julie W

At 44, facing a hip replacement seemed RIDICULOUS! Dr. K agreed, but also knew how much pain I was feeling, the limited mobility I had, and the quality of life I was missing. At age 13 I experienced blunt trauma to the left hip during a horseback riding accident. Finally on April 9, 2008 I had the less invasive total hip replacement on my left hip. When the bandages came off I said "That's it???" For me, my goal has been to have a better quality of life instead of popping pills and feeling irritable because of the pain. The amazement of putting my foot on the floor just hours after recovery and not feeling "pain" in my hip when I walked was nothing short of spectacular!! THANK YOU to Dr. K, Kevin Lancaster and ALL who contributed to my experience.

Gary E

When your 86 year old father-in-law says you walk worse than he does, it gets your attention. I had been an active (golf, gym work, yard work, etc) 57 year old. Over the course of 12 to 14 months I was unable to do any of these activities without experiencing great pain and stiffness. Through a business associate I learned of Dr. K and more importantly, the possibility of resurfacing. It was determined I was a candidate for resurfacing and on April 21 I had the procedure. Coming out of anesthesia, my first thought was "Where's the pain?" Other than the surgical cut, there was none. I was in the hospital 3 days, 2 weeks off work and have had an incredible recovery. Dr. K's work and the surgery is a miracle for my quality of life!

Nancy O

I had been having significant pain in my right hip for over 2 years and had been told by several doctors that I had arthritis and would have to wait for it to become much worse before anything could be done. Dr. Kreuzer was able to identify anterior femoroacetabular impingement instead. He was able to correct the condition successfully. I can now play with my grandchildren, walk without a limp and enjoy life once more - a true gift. I am so grateful to Memorial Hermann and to Dr. Kreuzer. The recovery was quick and easy. Because of your hospital and this talented doctor I am living pain free once again - a true blessing. Thank you and may God bless your hospital and the work done there.

Diana B

Having been misdiagnosed for a long time and having tried other conservative methods without success, including core decompression of the left hip, I eventually went to see Dr. Kreuzer on the advice of a friend who had had two successful hip replacements done by him.
Prior to 18 months ago I had been a very fit, active and healthy 69 yr.old female but the red-hot knifelike pains deep in the left groin had me limping and crawling around, constantly popping pain pills and feeling very miserable and so OLD!! I was very hesitant and not at all ready for more major surgery which was Dr. K's suggestion. However, on January 7, 2009 I had a total left hip replacement done by Dr. Kreuzer and his wonderful staff and have never looked back.
I was in hospital 3 days and have not touched a pain pill since I left hospital. I was a little stiff and sore but to be able to put one's foot down firmly without any excruciating pain was a miracle in itself and I was walking with a walker immediately and within a week was using just a cane and attempting to walk alone. The recovery has been so quick and easy.
Dr. Kreuzer has given me my life back again and I cannot recommend highly enough Dr. K. and his wonderful staff and their minimally invasive hip surgery.

Nigel C

I saw Dr. K in November 2007. At the time I could barely walk, my right hip was bone on bone with the cartilage worn away due to years of sport.
Dr. K performed anterior hip resurfacing surgery in late November 2007.
The afternoon of the surgery day I was shuffling around the ward with a walker. shortly after Christmas, I was back on the stationary bike. By late January I was back riding my bike 80 miles on the weekend. The recovery time was incredible with just walking and no physiotherapy. One year on, the only time I am reminded of my hip resurfacing in when I set of the security alarm at the airport! Thanks to Dr.K and his staff for giving me my life back.

Steve H

I had a hip replaced using the posterior approach 9 years ago and the other hip replaced using the anterior approach in October 2008. As I told Dr. Kreuzer at my post-op visit, the anterior is a "cakewalk" compared to the posterior. I walked with my new hip 7 hours after surgery and left the hospital 48 hours after surgery. The worst pain I had was the inserting of the IV needle at pre-op. I did not need any pain medication in the hospital or at home and feel great. My neighbors could not believe when they saw me walking around in the front yard 3 days after surgery. I would urge anyone facing hip replacement surgery to investigate the anterior approach. My thanks to Dr. Kreuzer and his staff for a fantastic surgical experience.

Ken D

I wanted to dance at my son's wedding on 6/7, and after having surgery on 4/1, I was able to do that. No pain, no after effects, and being returned to an active lifestyle, I have nothing but praise for Dr. Kreuzer and his staff--they were great in every way!

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